If you’re in the media, entertainment, or sports business, you may find that you are faced with long and complicated contracts in your career. You need a trustworthy, experienced lawyer you can call whenever you need help. Jim Ellis has the experience and skill you need. For anyone who needs a sports or media contract lawyer in Louisville, KY, call Jim Ellis today.


Contracts are frequently designed to benefit the contract giver. And since they are usually complicated and use legal language, you may find that you don’t have a clear grasp on what you’re agreeing to when you sign them. Jim Ellis has worked on many high-profile contract cases to ensure his client received the best result. You can trust that he will fight for you to keep your career and personal life protected.

He has worked on contracts worldwide. With vast resources to turn to, Jim Ellis knows exactly how to negotiate for the best terms of every contract you sign. Whether this is your first contract or your hundredth, you can feel confident when you sign.


Jim Ellis has worked with many sports and media personalities, but he also has community experience that has given him the knowledge and skills to work with every client. As a former police offer, he now serves as Chairman of the Board of the Louisville Metro Police Foundation.

He was also President of the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame for 25 years, during which time he worked with athletes and businesses that allowed him to network and develop a greater understanding of the needs of athletes and media personalities.

He played basketball at the University of Louisville and was an original member of the Doctors of Dunk.

With his decades of experience, he knows he can help you when you need a media, entertainment, or sports contract lawyer. Call Jim Ellis Attorney at Law at 502-583-5547 to discuss your contract today.